• The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis By Igor Ledochowski - PDF Review

  • What Is The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis?


    Does Igor Ledochowski's The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis work? Is it a quality covert hypnosis blueprint program by a knowledgeable author? How does it work? Here is a quick summary:

    Good Points:

    • Articulate and exhaustive program in multiple digital formats instantly available
    • Leading expert author with proven credentials and extensive background
    • Effective and step by step blueprint
    • Articulate yet easy to understand prose, videos and sheets
    • 60 day money back guarantee

    Bad Points:

    • Complete but overwhelming information. It takes time to digest it
    • Quite expensive for a digital program
    • Not a fool proof system – hypnosis has its own limitations

  • About Igor Ledochowski

    "The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis" is the creation of Igor Ledochowski, a leading figure in the world of hypnosis like Paul McKenna and Derren Brown. He became involved in hypnosis while attending Exeter University to become a lawyer and stumbled across the works of Milton Erickson, the forefather of modern hypnosis.


    By applying the principles outlined by Erickson, he found that he could achieve twice as much results in half the time and became hooked in this discipline both for personal and social purposes. He became acquainted with Erickson's disciples too, learning all the ropes of hypnosis but also discovering ineffective or wrong methods.


    Most importantly, not only did Igor Ledochowski take over Milton Erickson's relay, he actually strove to improve the effectiveness of his master's principles in order to upgrade Erickson's conversational hypnosis method from semi-covert to fully covert hypnosis, a much sought after skill and the nirvana of the hypnosis world. So Much so for the author.


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  • How Does It Work?


    Unlike Erickson, Ledochowski developed a step by step method that can be applied not just for therapeutical reasons where the patient is aware of the hypnotist exerting his power from the start, but more intriguingly in all social situations if and when required, without people realizing they are actually being hypnotized, thus influencing and persuading them in every day situations.


    After many years of studies and trial and error, he found the most effective stealthy ways to sneak into people's mind without them detecting anything wrong as the conversation unravels. It could actually be called a persuasiveness and assertiveness method rather than simply an hypnosis "magical hat trick" method as conjured up in the typical cartoonesque image of the "wizard hypnotist" coercing his hapless victims with his magnetic stare into some dangerous deeds for his own gain, like robbing a bank.


    Indeed, the author mentions the famous case of an Italian hypnotist robber who struck several times without arm to anyone except for the stolen money, just getting his prize by instantly persuading the cashier to hand it over to him. However, we found that Ledochowski's conversational hypnosis method was not developed with unethical, illegal or immoral intentions in mind, but simply to improve one's life in all daily circumstances with no harm to anyone by means of assertion and persuasiveness, even improving relations between two opposing or hostile parties.


    The conversational hypnosis blueprint by Ledochowski is more about influencing people rather then manipulating them. It's about steering people's will to your side and agreeably so, rather than dominating them. It tells you all the nuances required to negotiate and compel people to do something while commanding respect and admiration as an authority person, rather than coercing, tricking or intimidating.


    In short, it is about being authoritative, not authoritarian, and commanding attention and respect in all situations and circumstances. We think this program could also be used by shy or introvert people to learn how to stand their ground to their own advantage or to prevent others taking advantage of them without creating conflict or contrasts, but actually persuading people onto your side.


    We liked this assertiveness core element of the method and the meticulous studying, observation and trial and error spent by the author to hone and refine all the subtle skills required to become a perfect persuader, aka an effective conversational hypnotist.


    We think the range of such skills encompasses a wider area than mere day to day solutions for one's own advantage in simple social situations, because they could also be used as diplomatic tools wherever conflict or danger is not too far off sight. Below we compiled a list of just few situations that we found these skills come in handy.

  • The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis Video

  • The Benefits Of The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis

    How Persuasiveness And Authority Effect Your Life

    Here are few typical situations where covert hypnosis can be useful

    • Asking the children to tidy up their room or wash the dishes without them complaining or resisting
    • Persuading your partner to watch a movie rather than another one and being accommodating about it
    • Have your ideas and proposals accepted at the board meeting with admiration and respect
    • Swaying an attractive prospect partner to you with persuasiveness, making yourself attractive to her/him in return
    • Bargaining the price down, with the seller being happy about it
    • Focusing your attention to maximize results, achieving more in less time
    • Attracting attention, admiration in social situations and gatherings like parties or ceremonies
    • Generally being charismatic and the alpha guy or gal in any situation with the approval, admiration and respect of people

    These are just few of the circumstances that can benefit from mastering this conversational hypnosis blueprint. We found the techniques described in the program to be very subtle and intriguing and that the access doors to people's minds were there all the time but made invisible by the traditional, superficial way in which we interact, missing key elements of body language, facial expression and attention span.


    For example, one such technique is the " matching and mirroring", adjusting your speech and body language to that of the person you try to persuade, but without going overboard. It needs to be subtle so the person feels comfortable and accommodating, not antagonistic, for best results. Exaggerating mimic can have the opposite effect, making the person think you are just being led and he/she is the dominant one.


    Then there are insights to the working of your own mind to be aware of, like the " law of reverse effect". This consists of letting you conscious effort have the better hand on the flow of your subconscious or imaginative state, thwarting results and outcomes.


    This means being excessively preoccupied with performing a task can interfere with your natural ability to perform it effectively without any effort. This is the typical case of the insomniac who never gets to sleep the harder he tries, whereas if he let the sleep just fall over him naturally and subconsciously, he would be fast asleep in no time at all.


    The are many laws and techniques described in the blueprint, but one that stands out is the " Hypnotic Rapport". We found this to be a keystone and the foundation of just about any liaison, let alone conversational hypnosis.


    As the name implies, it consists of the ability of engaging the person in front of you, creating a " connection" as fast and effectively as possible. The hypnotic rapport goes hand in hand with "matching and mirroring" , the former being the foundation, the latter its practical application.


    We found The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis is an NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming method of high quality that leaves nothing to chance. The theory foundation, the knowledge and practical blueprint for learners are well designed, structured and explained.


    It uses a scaled down and simplified version of the Milton Model to quickly learn the ropes and skills of conversational hypnosis without wasting time. Some Information found in the program can also be found here and there online, but it is fragmented and incomplete and without real-life step by step action plan.

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  • How To Implement Conversational Hypnosis

  • What Makes The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis Different From Other Programs?

    Ledochowski's program is unique in that it is not just extensive and thorough, but also practical and hands on. It comes in download digital formats as follows:

    • A 14 Hour Audio Program – the complete teaching in MP3 format
    • A PDF Manual which is the transcripts of the audios plus 3 extras: Language Pattern cards – The Milton Model – The "Gorgias" historic dialogue by Plato
    • The so called "Cheat Sheets" - These are practical short cuts to learn the skills faster


    The teaching is structured into 12 different sections, below a brief summary:

    • Section 1 - How you can use conversational hypnosis to make others do what you want
    • Section 2 - How to connect with people in order to read their mind
    • Section 3 - How to induce an hypnotic trance in people's mind
    • Section 4 – How to get people to follow your suggestions and proposal
    • Section 5 – How to change another person's behavior and make her/him follow instructions
    • Section 6 - Language methods that make suggestions slip through the minds subconsciously
    • Section 7 – How to control people's actions by getting their attention with storytelling
    • Section 8 - How to implement covert hypnosis in any conversation
    • Section 9 – Telling stories to control people's actions (part 2)
    • Section 10 - How to become so influential that others follow your lead
    • Section 11 - Secrets of influencing humans
    • Section 12 - How to master fully covert hypnosis in no time at all

    All the above sections are sub-divided into a vast array of sub topics, the list of which would be too long to mention in this review.


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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis

    This educational product gave us an overall very good impression right from the start, with tons of information, a good layout and format and knowledge taken over from Milton Erickson and further honed and refined, plus an impressive list of testimonials.


    This impression was later confirmed by the effectiveness of the techniques involved in everyday situations. They do not come easy, as they require dedication and perseverance, but we found them to work in many typical situations, improving assertiveness and persuasiveness on others.


    We found some techniques like "matching and mirroring" easier than others to get hold of and implement, giving quickly an advantage in typical circumstances where liaising or bargaining are required.


    Other skills like hypnotic story telling to get one' attention, piercing through their mind to steer them in your direction, are a bit more difficult to learn, especially if you are not a natural speaker, or are shy or introvert.


    However, even these "advanced skills" are still worth a try, improving overall assertiveness and possible lagging aspects of your personality like lack of social confidence and charisma, even if you cannot achieve fully covert hypnosis quite yet. Just keep practicing.


    Below is a list of what we likes and disliked of this program.


    • Authority Leading Author – Igor Ledochowski is a world famous professional who turned the works of Milton Erickson from semi-covert hypnosis to fully covert, conversational hypnosis and made it accessible to a wider audience in a practical package.
    • Effective Method – The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis is a well structured, organized and articulate blueprint in multi digital formats that leaves nothing to guessing. It requires time and dedication to go through it, but good results are very much achievable by anyone willing to put in some effort.
    • Improves Your Overall Confidence – Not just specifically covert hypnosis and the ability to steer others to do what you want them to do. It also teaches you how to be more charismatic and persuasive along the way.
    • The "Cheat Sheets" part of the program offers a practical, hands down boost for faster results. You can then go through the PDF transcripts or MP3 lessons later to get a deeper understanding of the nuts and bolts, the techniques involved and why they work.
    • It Is Instantly Available Upon Purchase – No deliveries required, you can get it only through a highly secure payment processor (Card or PayPal)
    • It Has a 60 day Money Back Guarantee - Just in case.


    • There Is a Ton Of Information - This is good, but it can lead to "paralysis by analysis". Do not go through the whole theory, audio and transcript before getting your hands down. Use the "Cheat Sheets" along the way for quicker results.
    • It Is Not Cheap - Sure, the information is top notch, but $197 for a digital product, however articulate and packed with knowledge, is a bit pricey. This is a price fitter for standard, physical CDs packages than digital products that have no overhead costs. However, it is instantly available directly into you PC with no deliveries issues to deal with, so it is still very convenient.


  • The Bottom Line

    The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis is a complete and effective blueprint designed to achieve the holy grail of hypnosis, that is fully covert, conversational hypnosis, to be used in all daily situations and circumstances in order to steer other people's minds and will to your side.


    It does so with a clear step by step blueprint teaching you all the techniques to become not just proficient in covert hypnosis, but also more confident, persuasive, assertive and charismatic in all possible situations. Therefore, we think it is a program suitable not just for pure covert, conversational hypnosis, but also for anyone who wants to improve their social skills and become more successful in all social liaisons.


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